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All our homes and lodges are designed to surpass the standards specified in residential standard BS 3632.

The specification and build of our homes and lodges has been developed over 50 years and meets or exceeds the relevant standards. Our aim is to deliver the very best quality home or lodge available,  superior to the residential British Standard BS 3632, representing excellent value for money. Our homes and lodges should also last as long as the 60-year requirement for traditional brick/block built homes and will carry a 10-year insurance backed structural guarantee.  The specification of the main constituent parts of our homes is as follows:


It is very important when comparing insulation to understand that it is not just a matter of thickness. There are a various different insulation materials available and the home construction, type of insulation, its correct installation and airtightness is the key to a warm energy efficient home.

  • Where our insulation figures are quoted they are whole structure element values and include all heat loss through ‘cold bridging'
  • Structural components of a home such as floor joists, timber framework and roof timbers lose more heat than the insulation materials, this ‘cold bridging’ effect is factored into our ‘U’ values
  • As well as needing to provide thermal insulation some materials are chosen to perform the additional task of sound reduction and have a greater density
  • Our external walls incorporate insulation materials and together with the use of plasterboard provide thermal insulation, increased sound reduction and improved fire retardancy
  • Our ceilings also have the same benefits from the use of plasterboard


  • Average ‘U’ values depend on the home dimensions and the number of windows and doors, each layout and size of home will therefore have a different value
    • As a guide to the effectiveness of our insulation values, and depending on its location and orientation, a typical 82sqM (44’-0” x 20’-0”) twin home could have a heat loss of approximately 111 Watts per hour per degree Centigrade heat rise above ambient temperature
    • Assuming a winter external temperature of -1°C and a comfortable internal temperature of 21°C, and with adequate air changes, such a home could require as little as 3.5kW hour of energy to heat


  • All subframes are fully welded and comprise of a dual triangular beam frame (inverted truss), constructed from a combination of heavy gauge hot rolled steel angles and channels of 125x75x8mm, 100x65x7mm, 75x50x6mm, 50x50x6mm and 40x40x6mm
  • The beam size used is dependent on the individual dimensions and weight of each home
  • Cold rolled steel joists are positioned across frames at 1220mm c/c which support exterior walls along the perimeter (but with omissions for services)
  • The structure includes siting wheels, detachable tow bar and levelling jacks  
  • All subframes are protected in accordance with ISO 12944 and COP501
  • All subframes are designed in-house and manufactured in our own workshop by BS 4872 certified engineers 

FLOOR (standard construction)FloorsWEB

  • High density 18mm thick flooring grade T&G chipboard, screwed and nailed to 95x36mm and 96x45mm stress graded timber floor joists at maximum 407mm c/c and securely bolted to the subframe at regular intervals
  • Insulated floor deck with platinum grade rigid polystyrene, held in position between joists with a continuous 125 micron, 20% fire retardant moisture barrier to BS 2782
  • The average floor ‘U’ value that includes the floor joists on a correctly skirted home is 0.37 W/m²/K

WALLS (standard construction)WallsWEB

  • Our standard exterior finish on park homes is a textured synthetic copolymer resin containing selected mineral aggregates to give a class I spread of flame to BS 476
  • Available in a wide variety of colours, it is applied over primed 9mm non-combustible magnesium oxide board which is glued, nailed and stapled to the studwork with stainless steel fixings
  • Studwork is 72x36mm timber at maximum 600mm c/c and incorporates semi-rigid foil faced A+ ‘Earthwool’ mineral wool insulation between the studs.
  • Wall linings are 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard glued, screwed and nailed to the stud-works
  • The gap between the opposing foil faces gives an enhanced emissivity to improve the wall insulation and provide a service void
  • Walls are finished with wallpaper which is self-finish coloured
  • All internal substrates comply with BS 476 giving a minimum class 3 spread of flame
  • The average wall ‘U’ value which includes the framework is better than 0.46 W/m²/K
  • Our Lodges are available in a variety of timber and “board” claddings: log profile softwood, Louisiana Pacific Canexel, Cedar, Larch, thermally treated timber or PVC- UE planking on 25mm treated battens over membrane covered OSB3 structural boarding
  • The average lodge wall ‘U’ value is 0.40 W/m²/K 

ROOF (standard construction)RoofWEB

  • The roof utilises a pre-formed aggregate coated Metrotile steel tile system which carries a 40-year manufacturer guarantee and is available in several colours
  • Tiles are fixed to 50x25mm treated timber battens over a Corovin breather membrane
  • Battens are secured to dual pitch (single wide) or mono-pitch (twin) nail plated timber roof trusses (produced in our own truss plant) formed from 56x30mm and 56x45mm timbers at 600mm c/c (400mm c/c on a Lodge) with a pitch of 19º
  • Twin homes provide central support to the roof trusses via proprietary ‘I’ beams
  • Ceiling decks are 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard which are glued and screwed to the roof trusses
  • The roof is insulated with a massive 250mm A+ ‘Earthwool’ mineral wool insulation with an A1 fire classification and containing up to 70% less embodied energy – a truly planet friendly material
    • Earthwool is made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled at the end of its life
  • The roof void is cross-ventilated via the eaves which are various widths depending on the style of the home
  • All fascia’s, bargeboards, rainwater down-pipes and gutters are in PVCu
  • The roof ‘U’ value including losses through the structure is better than 0.17 W/m²/K
  • Some homes have a semi-vaulted ceiling either in part or throughout the home which has an internal pitch of 13º 

WINDOWS & DOORS (standard construction)WindowsWEB

  • We produce our own PVCu windows and doors
  • The profile used is multi-chamber and the windows incorporate energy efficient glazing
  • A typical complete window including frame and glass has a ‘U’ value better than 1.6 W/m²/K
  • We can also offer triple glazing with argon gas filled sealed units providing heat retention and enhanced sound reduction as well as our top specification windows with a ‘U’ value of 0.9 W/m²/K 


  • External features such as corner quoins, window hoods, pilasters, lintels and some shower trays are manufactured to our specifications in fibreglass by a specialist local supplier using our own moulds

ECO VARIANTSwessex eco solutions button

  • Optional Eco Solutions have a different construction, which significantly reduces heat loss and exceeds the fabric values specified in building regulations
  • The building fabric may vary in order to meet the heat loss requirements for each floor plan and location
  • Typically the floor ‘U’ value will be 0.29 W/m²/K, the wall ‘U’ value will be 0.22 W/m²/K and the roof ‘U’ value will be 0.14 W/m²/K  
  • Windows with a ‘U’ value of 0.9 W/m²/K or 1.3 W/m²/K are available if required
  • A choice of solar, solar PV, air to water heat pumps, Micro CHP, hybrid renewables and MVHR are available


We produce all our fixed cabinet furniture via our own mill and cabinet shop, this enables us to create kitchens that are both ergonomic and optimise the use of space. We also utilise these facilities to manufacture cabinets and wash basin stands for some of our bathrooms and en-suite shower rooms.

FITTINGS & EQUIPMENT (standard construction)

All Wessex lodges and homes are supplied with:Wessex Classic Cameos 48WEB

  • Furnishings including carpets, vinyl and / or laminate flooring, a lounge suite with scatter cushions, dining suite, beds and some bedding plus blinds or fully-lined curtains throughout 
  • Fully fitted kitchens with integrated appliances to most floor plans 
  • Fitted wardrobes or walk-in wardrobes with other purpose-built furniture to the bedrooms
  • Our standard heating is provided by a gas ‘A’ rated condensing combination boiler that has a five year guarantee and feeds the radiators, it also provides the domestic hot water supply. We can also install oil fired central heating, all electric heating systems as options and low water volume sanitary ware.