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What does Brexit mean for the UK holiday lodge market?

Now that the news of Brexit is starting to sink in, we are left thinking what the result of the referendum means for the UK tourism industry and the holiday lodge market in particular. Worth an estimated £106bn a year and employing over 2 million people (source VisitBritain), the domestic tourism sector could be in for a boost because of a weaker Pound Sterling.

Since the referendum result, the value of the Pound (£) has decreased against the Euro (€) and US Dollar ($). The decline in value has been as much as 15 cents against the Euro. This now makes it cheaper for many overseas visitors to holiday in the UK. In 2015 the countries with the most visitors to the UK for holidays were France, USA and Germany. Visitors from these three countries spent a total of over £5bn last year and an increase represents a big opportunity for the holiday lodge market.

Since the value of the pound has decreased, Brexit may have a positive impact on tourism inside the UK for us Brits. With an increase in costs of holidays abroad there are questions arising about UK tourism. Even though there are currently no restrictions for people going on breaks to other countries with a warmer climate, the public may start begrudging having to pay higher prices making Staycations in the UK a more popular option.

cliffs of dover

The UK may not have the climate of Spain in mid-summer but it does have some extraordinary destinations that people the world over can’t resist. With many famous sights to see in idyllic locations it presents an opportunity for lodge owners, parks and land owners. Popular locations such as Cornwall, The Lake District or Scotland provide a perfect chance for tourists to come and visit some of the best places that the UK has to offer and stay in a warm, friendly lodge. Having a lodge in commuting distance from major tourist destinations such as London, Bath or Cambridge increases your market as people can stay in a beautiful lodge and then go sightseeing. For more ideas of the best UK locations visit

Whether you own a park, are looking to buy a lodge or have spare land then Brexit may have just landed you with a great opportunity.