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What guarantee do I get with a Wessex lodge or park home?Gold Shield Logo

All Wessex lodges and park homes are built in accordance with the latest edition of BS 3632 and carry a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the home and its contents as supplied at purchase by Wessex.

Our lodges and park homes are also covered by Gold Shield, a full structural warranty scheme designed to offer the same level of cover you would expect from a NHBC warranty on a traditional brick built property. This scheme is insurance backed by MB&G and gives you peace of mind and security that your Wessex luxury lodge or park home comes with a full 10-year structural warranty.  To take advantage of this scheme you will need to register your home and there are certain maintenance requirements placed upon you to maintain the warranty.

Additionally: the roof of your home has a 40-year manufacturer’s guarantee; your windows have a 10-year guarantee for the frames and 5-year guarantee for the sealed units and our boilers and appliances are all ‘A’ grade rated and have a manufacturers warranty - 5 years for parts and 2 years for labor. 

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