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What is a lodge?

A lodge is generally used for holiday accommodation, although, if it is built to BS 3632 the residential standard and located on a park with a residential licence, it can be used as a primary residence throughout the year.

All Wessex lodges are built to BS 3632 and are suitable for year round use, however, if a park has a holiday licence then you would only be able to use the lodge for holidays or as a second home.  As our lodges are built to BS 3632, they are well insulated and have central heating, double-glazing and energy efficient boilers. Lodges built to EN 1647 are not quite so well insulated so can only be used for part of the year.

Our lodges usually have between one and three bedrooms, an en-suite, lounge, dining area, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom(s). Most lodges come fully furnished, which generally includes freestanding and/or fitted furniture, flooring, soft furnishings and appliances. Although our lodges are usually fully furnished you can choose part or un-furnished. Lodges are connected to services such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, drains and sewers when sited at a park.

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