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Siting a lodge or park home on your own land

If you have your own land and are considering siting a lodge or park home, the following information regarding planning and building regulations may be helpful:

Will I require planning permission?homeweb

Not all development requires planning permission from the Council. Some things have already been granted permission by national legislation under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 as amended. These are called "Permitted Development". Whether or not your proposal will be classed as Permitted Development depends on a number of factors. These include what you want to do and where, and the constraints on and around your property.

Before you undertake a proposed development you should be sure that you do not need to apply for Planning Permission or obtain consent. If you undertake development that needs Planning Permission without first obtaining it, it may result in problems for you later. Expensive alterations may need to be carried out in order to put things right and in certain cases you may even be forced to remove an unauthorised building. If you are unsure whether planning permission is required you should contact your Local Planning Authority (LPA) who will be able to offer advice.  However, if you would like the comfort of a formal decision from the council on whether permission is required then you should apply for a Lawful Proposed Development Certificate.

Will the lodge or park home need to comply with building regulations?

All our lodges and homes are built to British Standard BS 3632, the residential standard for park homes. The extent to which this is satisfactory to the LPA will depend on the views of your specific authority. 

  • Contact your LPA for advice
  • If planning permission is required they will be send you an application pack containing all the information you will need
  • Wessex will be happy to supply supporting technical information to assist the application if required.