Q1: Q1: What's the difference between a Residential Park Home and a Caravan Holiday Home?

A park home (sometimes referred to as a mobile home), is built to British Standard BS 3632 the "Specification for Residential Park Homes". It is a timber framed residential property, suitable for all year round habitation and can therefore be used as your main UK residence if sited on a park or location with a residential licence. Residents are protected with security of tenure by the Mobile Homes Act if the park is registered with a residential licence. A Caravan Holiday Home is built to EN 1647 which is a lower build standard in terms of the overall structure and level of insulation. Caravan Holiday Homes are only suitable for seasonal use due to the lower level of insulation and build quality.

All of our park homes and luxury lodges are built to BS 3632 this makes them energy efficient and suitable for living in all year round. However, if you wish to live in your Wessex home as your primary residence in the UK you will need a park with a residential licence as opposed to one with a holiday licence.

Q2: Q2: What is a Lodge?

Lodges can be built to BS 3632 or EN 1647. EN 1647 is the European standard for caravan lodges, which are suitable for temporary, or seasonal holiday use only, whereas BS 3632 lodges are built to the residential standard for park homes, and are suitable for permanent residence (depending on the site licence) and all year round use. All of our park homes and luxury lodges are built to the residential standard BS 3632.

Our lodges are available in a range of claddings and tend to have open-plan living, kitchen and dining areas.  Many of the luxury lodges in our range have feature glazing to accentuate natural light and bring the outside inside.

Q3: Q3: Can you help us find a park for our home?

Yes, we offer a park finder service via our website and we have a dedicated retail sales team who can help you to find your perfect park and park home or lodge. 

Q4: Q4: What styles, sizes and configurations do Wessex park homes and lodges come in?

We have an extensive range of standard models, each with their own individual exterior and interior design styles which can be inter changed. In addition to this we offer a bespoke home design service.

All of our park homes and lodges can be built in a variety of lengths up to 20m (65½') and widths up to 6.8m (22') to suit your individual needs and the plot you have chosen. All of our standard layouts include lounge, dining room/area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. All of our standard twin models feature at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms (one typically being en-suite). Our extensive range of floor plans includes homes with up to four bedrooms, studies, entrance halls, hobby rooms and utility rooms. However, if none of our standard layouts suit your specific requirements, we will happily modify plans or start afresh to design and manufacture a home to suit your individual requirements.

Q5: Q5: What guarantee do I get with a Wessex home?

All our park homes and luxury lodges are built to comply with BS 3632, the residential standard for park homes. All park homes and lodges built to this standard are designed to last, are energy efficient, and providing the home or lodge is registered correctly, will come with a 10-year structural warranty. When it comes to guaranteeing our products, our word is our bond. Our products are built by some of the finest craftspeople in Britain but, if you need us, we'll be there.

Please see the warranty section of this website for more information.

Q6: Q6: Where can I view a Wessex home?

Visit our Showground - we have a number of homes on display at our Showground's in Brandon, Suffolk and in Hull. Click here for more information and to see what is currently on display.

Shows - we exhibit at a number of shows throughout the year. Click here to see where we'll be next.

Wessex show homes on-park - there are also a large number of parks around the UK with Wessex show homes on site ready to buy, please refer to the homes for sale section of this website.

Q7: Q7: How much does a Wessex home cost?

The vast majority of lodges and park homes we supply are bought on a park unless you have your own land on which to site on, so although we can supply a recommended retail price list for our range of standard homes, this would not reflect the price you would pay 'on-park' as it does not include delivery, commissioning, infrastructure or the cost of the land.

The ‘on-park’ price will depend on a number of factors. As with all accommodation location is a key driver of price and lodges in the southeast are typically more expensive than those situated further north. Parks near the coast or by rivers and lakes also typically carry a premium as do parks in areas of natural beauty such as Devon, Cornwall and the Lake District. There are other park specific factors that impact price such as, the size and location of the individual plot, park amenities and services, decking, landscaping, driveways and maintenance as well as out buildings such as sheds and garages etc.

If you would like to request an ex-works retail price list for our standard models, or help on finding a suitable park, please call us on 0845 257 0400 or email info@wessexparkhomes.co.uk .

Q8: Q8: What is included in the price of a Wessex park home or lodge?

The home price includes a fitted kitchen complete with appliances, bedrooms with built in furniture or walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms, lounge suite, dining suite, carpets and vinyl, curtains, soft furnishings including bed, bedding and wall mounted headboards.  You will find all these details on your floor plan and specification for your home. There is also the facility to add features to your home such as a home entertainment system, wine cooler, additional appliances, saunas and a wide range of Eco Options.

Q9: Q9: How long does it take from order to make a Wessex home?

Once you have finalised the specification of your home and both yourselves and your park have signed it off we can commence manufacture. The length of time you have to wait for your Wessex home will vary due to how busy the factory is and also the lead-time on individual items you have specified in your home. Please contact us for an estimated timescale.

Q10: Q10: Will you install my own fittings if I supply the products?

In principle yes, but we would have to review on a case by case basis to ensure we always conform with legislation and build standards.

Q11: Q11: Can I hang things on the walls of my home?

In principle yes, but we would have to review this on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we always conform with legislation and building standards.

Q12: Q12: Are your residential mobile / park homes and lodges warm enough?

As with bricks and mortar properties, park homes are manufactured to a specific level of regulation. The current British Standard for residential park homes, BS 3632:2015, ensures that park homes (and lodges built to this standard) are built with energy efficiency in mind. Homes built to the new standard benefit from improved insulation, have higher minimum maintainable room temperatures and window and door glazing achieves better U-values. All these factors come together to mean that less heat is lost and homeowners benefit from savings on heating their homes. 

Q13: Q13: Is there a choice of alternative exterior cladding?

There is a wide variety of colours and cladding systems available. These can be viewed in our sample room and discussed with our friendly and helpful staff. All our homes are available in a rendered finish, timber clad or with a variety of low maintenance claddings such as CanExel or Thermowood. Please ask your park before you set your heart on a particular finish as they may only allow homes in certain finishes or colours, they may also be governed by planning rules and or stipulations in their site licence.

Q14: Q14: How 'mobile' are park homes and lodges?

Wessex homes are manufactured on a proprietary rolled steel chassis. This is fitted with multiple wheeled axles and removable tow bars which are used for manufacturing, transport and siting purposes. Our homes are delivered on transporters, they are then manoeuvred onto the foundation base where the home is positioned, joined (homes over 14ft wide are transported in 2 sections) and levelled to sit on multiple supports. Once the services have been connected and commissioned, the underneath of the park home will typically be bricked up to the underside of the park home or decked and skirted typically in the case of a lodge. Once the home has been sited it can be moved again to an alternative location but most frequently they stay put.