Luxury Residential Park Homes

Wessex have been creating some of the most unique and beautiful residential park homes in the UK for over fifty years. Our park homes are built to BS 3632 (British Standard), making them suitable for residential use all year round (depending on site licence) and are highly energy efficient. With head turning designs and the highest quality build, you can trust Wessex to deliver the ultimate park home.

How to Buy a Park Home For Sale at a Park

Wessex Park Homes can be purchased at residential and holiday parks throughout the UK. Use our Park Finder to find existing plots and park homes for sale on parks in your preferred area. If you’re looking for something bespoke, then we can build a park home, specifically to your requirements. If you are looking for an all year round park home for sale then you will need to buy one on a residential park.

The Buying Process

  • Find Your Ideal Park Our team are here to help you find the right park in the right area for you
  • Choose a Wessex Park Home -that meets your requirements and design taste
  • Build Wessex will then start building your new park home
  • Delivering your Park HomeOnce your park home is built, it will be transported and sited at your chosen park.

Please use our guide for everything you need to know about Buying On a Park. You can also contact us or make an enquiry and our team will help you find your dream park home. 

How to Buy an Off-Site Mobile Home/Park Home for your Own Private Land

You can buy a luxury mobile home/park home directly from Wessex to be sited on your own land. This can be a great way to avoid planning permission (depending on the use and positioning of the park home) and may substantially increase the value of your property.

Own Land Buying Process

Simply choose the Wessex mobile home you want and any bespoke requirements you need, for us to build. When your new home is ready, it will be transported in single or twin units depending on the size of the model that you choose.

For more information, please use our Buying for Own Land guide, contact us  or make an enquiry and our team will help you to buy your ideal Wessex mobile home.