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The vast majority of lodges and park homes we supply are bought on a park unless you have your own land on which to site it. So although we can supply a recommended retail price list for our range of standard homes this would not reflect the price you would pay “on park” as it does not include delivery, commissioning, infrastructure or the cost of the land.

These are the key factors that a turnkey price includes:

  • The park home you have chosen
  • Park Location
  • Standard fixtures, fittings, carpets and furniture
  • Transport and siting
  • Commissioning for plumbing and electric
  • Skirting around the bottom of the home
  • Steps to the front and back doors
  • Parking space
  • Landscaped garden

If you would like a turnkey price for our standard models, or help on finding a suitable park, please call us on 0845 257 0400 or email

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